Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Sustainability Systems Design Assessment and Applications 1st Edition

Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Sustainability is a broad-based overview describing the state-of-the-art in latent, sensible, and thermo-chemical energy storage systems and their applications across industries. Beginning with a discussion of the efficiency and conservation advantages of balancing energy demand with production, the book goes on to describe current state-of-the art technologies. Not stopping with description, the authors also discuss design, modeling, and simulation of representative systems, and end with several case studies of systems in use.

  • Describes how thermal energy storage helps bridge the gap between energy demand and supply, particularly for intermittent power sources like solar, wind, and tidal systems
  • Provides tables, illustrations, and comparative case studies that show applications of TES systems across industries
  • Includes a chapter on the rapidly developing field of viable nanotechnology-based thermal energy storage systems

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Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Sustainability: Systems Design, Assessment and Applications


S. Kalaiselvam , R Parameshwaran


1st Edition


Elsevier Science, 2014


444 pages


0124173055, 9780124173057