The University of Faisalabad (TUF) is a private university located in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 2002 under the auspices of Madina Foundation, a not for profit philanthropic organization in the light of the vision “Industry, Service, Education” of its founder: the late Chairman Haji Muhammad Saleem. It offers programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine, Allied Health Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology, Management Studies, Arts and Social Sciences. On March 17, 2002, Madinah Foundation launched a mega project to overcome a deficit of quality education in the district of Faisalabad. The University was an initiative to cater to the educational and technological necessity emerging in the country’s industrial hub with a progressive and missionary commitment to high quality of education. The University of Faisalabad is W-4 category University because it has the renowned faculty programs, infrastructure, resources, laboratories, training facilities and endowment funds.

Programs Offered By The University of Faisalabad

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  1. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  3. Bachelor of Graphic Design
  4. Bachelor of Laws
  5. Bachelor of lnterior Design
  6. BBA
  7. BEd
  8. BEd (Hons) Education
  9. BS Accounting and Finance
  10. BS Anesthesia
  11. BS Artificial lntelligence
  12. BS Aviation Management
  13. BS Biochemistry
  14. BS Biotechnology
  15. BS Civil Engineering
  16. BS Computer Sciences
  17. BS Dental Sciences
  18. BS Dermal Sciences
  19. BS Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences
  20. BS Emergency and Intensive Care Sciences
  21. BS Engineering Management
  22. BS English with specialization in (Language and Literature) (Translation and lnterpreting)
  23. BS Imaging Sciences
  24. BS lnformation Technology
  25. BS lslamic Sciences
  26. BS Mathematics
  27. BS Medical Laboratory Sciences
  28. BS Nursing
  29. BS Nursing (Post RN BSN)
  30. BS Optometry
  31. BS Physics
  32. BS Respiratory Therapy
  33. BS Software Engineering
  34. BS Speech Language Pathology
  35. BSc Civil Engineering Technology
  36. BSc Electrical Engineering Technology
  37. Doctor of Pharmacy
  38. Doctor of Physical Therapy
  1. Master of lnterior Design
  2. MBA
  3. MBA Executive
  4. MPhiI Biochemistry
  5. MPhiI Mathematics
  6. MPhil Biotechnology
  7. MPhil Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences
  8. MPhil Education
  9. MPhil English Literature
  10. MPhil lslamic Studies
  11. MPhil Optometry
  12. MPhil Pharmaceutics
  13. MPhil Pharmacology
  14. MPhil Physiology
  15. MS Accounting and Finance*
  16. MS Civil Engineering
  17. MS Computer Science
  18. MS Computing and Data Scicnces*
  19. MS Diagnostic Ultrasound*
  20. MS Electrical Engineering
  21. MS Management Sciences*
  22. MS Physical Therapy
  23. MS Physics
  24. MS Project Management*
  25. MS Risk and Safety Management*
  1. PhD Biochemistry
  2. PhD Biotechnology
  3. PhD Civil Engineering
  4. PhD Computer Science
  5. PhD Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences
  6. PhD Education
  7. PhD Electrical Engineering
  8. PhD English Literature
  9. PhD lslamic Studies
  10. PhD Management Sciences
  11. PhD Mathematics
  12. PhD Pharmaceutics
  13. PhD Pharmacology

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Main Campus Address

Sargodha Rd, University Town, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000


+92 345 189 6679

+92 333 192 0753






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