The C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup

More than 500,000 programmers have benefited from previous editions! This is a complete rewrite of the most widely read and most trusted book on C++. Based on the ANSI/ISO C++ final draft, this book covers the C++ language, its standard library, and key design techniques as an integrated whole. The C++ Programming Language provides comprehensive coverage of C++ language features and standard library components. For example, it includes complete coverage of abstract classes as interfaces, class hierarchies for object-oriented programming, templates as the basis for type-safe generic software, exceptions for regular error handling, namespaces for modularity in large-scale software, run-time type identification for loosely coupled systems, the C subset of C++ for C compatibility and system-level work, standard containers and algorithms, and standard strings, I/O streams, and numerics. With this third edition, Stroustrup makes C++ even more accessible to those new to the language while adding information and techniques that even expert C++ programmers will find invaluable. A web page to support the book can be found at

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The C++ Programming Language


Bjarne Stroustrup


3rd Edition


Addison-Wesley Professional


1022 pages


ISBN 10: 0201889544

ISBN 13: 9780201889543