Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook 2007 Edition by Ray Horak

his book will provide a comprehensive survey of telecommunications technologies and services, at a reasonable level of technical depth, and in the author’s unique plain-English, commonsense style. Recent developments in technology to be explored will include: Power Line Carrier (PLC) Broad over Power Line (BPL) Passive Optical Network (PON) 802.11g Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) 802.16 & WiMAX This work will expand on the discussion of a number of other technology topics that have become subjects of greater interest in the last three or four years since the publication of Communications Systems and Networks, 3rd Edition and competing works: Fiber Optics Storage Area Networks (SANs) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) CATV Networks Wireless Bluetooth Cellular 2.5G & 3G Photos Video Ring Tones & Ring-Back Tones Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) IP PBX IP Centrex Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) vs. H.323 Regulation & Convergence Divestiture and Revestiture, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

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Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook


Ray Horak


2007 Edition




832 pages


ISBN 10: 0470396075

ISBN 13: 9780470396070