Telecom Reform Principles Policies and Regulatory Practices 1997 Edition by William H Melody

The book examines in some detail the telecom reform process occurring in developed countries and at the international level. It accepts as a point of departure that effective regulation is, and will continue to be an essential instrument for implementing efficiency, competition, universal service, consumer protection and information society policies. Although the book provides an introduction to the fundamental issues facing developing countries, it does not provide a comprehensive treatment. Nevertheless, as developing countries are being invited – indeed in some cases pressured very hard – to adopt the telecom reforms of developed countries, this review may be of greater value to them than at first appears, as they must be in a position to make independent assessments of the specific telecom reforms being advocated to them. For my appreciation of this, I am indebted in particular to the participants in the ITU Telecommunications Policy, Legislation and Regulation Seminar, Bangkok, March 1995 and the Workshop on Telecommunication Reform at the Economic and Technological Development Research Center, MPT China, Beijing, March-April 1995.

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Telecom Reform: Principles, Policies and Regulatory Practices


William H. Melody


1997 Edition


Den Private Ingeniørfond, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby


561 pages


ISBN-13: 9788773810712

ISBN-10: 8773810711