Signals Systems and Transforms 4th Edition by Phillips Parr and Riskin

For sophomore/junior-level signals and systems courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering departments. Signals, Systems, and Transforms, Fourth Edition is ideal for electrical and computer engineers. The text provides a clear, comprehensive presentation of both the theory and applications in signals, systems, and transforms. It presents the mathematical background of signals and systems, including the Fourier transform, the Fourier series, the Laplace transform, the discrete-time and the discrete Fourier transforms, and the z-transform. The text integrates MATLAB examples into the presentation of signal and system theory and applications.

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Signals, Systems, and Transforms


Charles L. Phillips, John M. Parr, Eve Ann Riskin


4th Edition


Prentice Hall


795 pages


ISBN 10: 0131989235

ISBN 13: 9780131989238