NUST was established in 1991 by merging military and civil educational resources. After its development, existing military schools and colleges became constituent colleges of NUST. The first college to be affiliated with NUST was MCS in 1991. In 1993, the university was granted a charter and CEME and MCE became part of the university. In December 1994 and November 1995, CAE and PNEC became constituents of NUST respectively. All the constituent colleges were upgraded and MS programs were started at CAE in September 1997. In 1998, MS programs were started at PNEC and in the same year, Bachelor of Dental Surgery was started at AMC. In 1999, CEME and CAE attained ISO 9001 Certification, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS) was launched in Islamabad and NUST Business School (NBS, formerly known as NIMS) was established. School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME) offers degrees in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering and is one of the most competitive engineering schools of Pakistan.As of 2016, NUST has over 15,000 full-time students enrolled, over 20 departments with over 1,280 academic faculty staff. It is ranked by QS World Ranking’s as among the leading 50 universities under the age of 50 and is ranked by QS as among top 4000 universities in the world. It is the number 1 ranked university in Pakistan according to QS World ranking 2021. It is also ranked by QS as among top 300 in world in Electrical Engineering  and top 500 in Business Studies and Mathematics. While Times Higher Education Ranking’s rank’s NUST as among the top 100 universities from BRICS and Emerging Economies, as among top 120 in Asia and among top 250 globally in the field of Electrical Engineering. In 2016, it was also ranked as among the next 50 leading young universities globally by Time’s. NUST is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities, United Nations Academic Impact and Talloires Network.

Programs Offered By University

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  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Avionics Engineering
  3. B Architecture
  4. B Industrial Design
  5. Bachelor in Public​ Administration​
  6. BBA
  7. BE Information Security
  8. BS Accounting and Finance
  9. BS Biotechnology
  10. BS Chemistry
  11. BS Computer Science
  12. BS Economics
  13. BS Mass Communication
  14. BS Mathematics
  15. BS Physics
  16. BS Psychology
  17. BS Tourism and Hospitality Management
  18. Chemical Engineering
  19. Civil Engineering
  20. Computer Engineering
  21. Electrical Engineering
  22. Environmental Engineering
  23. Geoinformatics Engineering
  24. LLB
  25. Mechanical Engineering
  26. Mechatronics Engineering
  27. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
  28. Naval Architecture Engineering

Software Engineering

  1. Executive MBA
  2. Masters of Business Administration
  3. MS Aerospace Engineering
  4. MS Agribusiness Management
  5. MS Artificial Intelligence
  6. MS Avionics Engineering
  7. MS Bioinformatics 1.Computational Systems Biology (CSB) 2.Computational Drug Design (CDD) 3.Translational Bioinformatics (TB)
  8. MS Biomedical Engineering
  9. MS Biomedical Sciences
  10. MS Career Counseling & Education
  11. MS Chemical Engineering
  12. MS Chemistry
  13. MS Clinical Psychology
  14. MS Computational Science & Engineering 1. Applied Mechanics (AM) 2. Communication Systems and Networks (CS&N) 3. Computational Biomedical Engineering (CBE) 4. Applied Computer Science (APC) 5.System Analysis and Control (SAC) 6.Computational Chemistry (CC)
  15. MS Computer Engineering
  16. MS Computer Science
  17. MS Construction Engineering and Management
  18. MS Cyber Security
  19. MS Data Science (Evening)
  20. MS Design & Manufacturing Engineering
  21. MS Development Studies
  22. MS Disaster Management
  23. MS Economics
  24. MS Electrical (Communication) Engineering
  25. MS Electrical (Control) Engineering
  26. MS Electrical Engineering Digital Systems 2.Control System 3.AI & Autonomous Systems 4.Telecommunication / Communication System
  27. MS Electrical Engineering (Integrated Circuits & Systems),(RF & Microwave)
  28. MS Electrical Engineering 1. Telecommunication / Communication System 2. RF & Microwave 3.Signal Processing 4. Power 5.AI & Autonomous Systems 6.Control System 7.RF & Microwave
  29. MS Energy Systems Engineering
  30. MS Engineering Management
  31. MS Environmental Engineering
  32. MS Environmental Science
  33. MS Geotechnical Engineering
  34. MS Governance & Public Policy
  35. MS Healthcare Biotechnology
  36. MS Human Resource Management
  37. MS Industrial Biotechnology
  38. MS Information Security
  39. MS Information Technology
  40. MS Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  41. MS Innovative Technologies in Learning
  42. MS Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  43. MS Manufacturing Engineering & Management
  44. MS Mass Communication
  45. MS Materials & Surface Engineering
  46. MS Mathematics
  47. MS Mechanical Engineering
  48. MS Mechanical Engineering – (Thermo Fluids / Thermal Power)
  49. MS Mechatronics Engineering
  50. MS Mining Engineering
  51. MS Nanoscience and Engineering
  52. MS Naval Architecture
  53. MS Peace and Conflict Studies
  54. MS Physics
  55. MS Plant Biotechnology
  56. MS Process System Engineering
  57. MS Remote Sensing & GIS
  58. MS Robotics & Intelligent Machine Engineering
  59. MS Software Engineering
  60. MS Statistics
  61. MS Structural Engineering
  62. MS Systems Engineering 1.Autonomous Aerospace Systems (AAS) 2.Communication Systems and Networks (CS&N) 3.Applied Computer Science (APC) 4.Cognitive System (CS)
  63. MS Thermal Energy Engineering
  64. MS Transportation Engineering
  65. MS Urban and Regional Planning
  66. MS Water Resources Engineering & Management
  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Applied Biosciences
  3. Avionics Engineering
  4. Biomedical Engineering
  5. Biomedical Sciences
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Chemistry
  8. Computational Science and Engineering
  9. Computer Engineering
  10. Computer Science
  11. Construction Engineering and Management
  12. Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  13. Economics
  14. Electrical Engineering
  15. Energy System Engineering
  16. Engineering Management
  17. Environmental Engineering
  18. Environmental Sciences
  19. Geotechnical Engineering
  20. Information Security
  21. Information Technology
  22. Manufacturing & Engineering Management
  23. Materials and Surface Engineering
  24. Mathematics
  25. Mechanical Engineering
  26. Mechatronics Engineering
  27. Mining Engineering
  28. Nanoscience Engineering
  29. PhD Artificial Intelligence
  30. PhD Programmes
  31. Physics
  32. Remote Sensing & GIS
  33. Robotics and intelligent Machine Engineering
  34. Software Engineering
  35. Structural Engineering
  36. Thermal Energy Engineering
  37. Water Resources Engineering & Management

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