Microelectronic Circuit Design 4th Edition by Jaeger and Blalock

Richard C. Jaeger and Travis N. Blalock have revised their popular text, Microelectronic Circuit Design, with the goal of improving readability and accessibility.
Microelectronic Circuit Design trademark features include

  • Emphasis on Design “Design Examples” and “Design Notes” highlight real-world design principles, encouraging students to work beyond simple analysis and toward creative design.
  • Electronics in Action These sections are expanded in the fourth edition and reinforce what students are learning by illustrating the connection between text material and practical examples.
  • Problem-Solving Methodology In each chapter, the authors approach problem solving in a consistent manner, showing students how to consider a problem, break it down, and find an effective, efficient solution.
  • Student-Friendly Pedagogy Directed chapter goals; chapter-opening anecdotes; design notes; problem-solving discussions; solved exercises; and design, computer-aided, and SPICE problems all help enhance and reinforce learning as students move through the book.
  • Circuit simulation example files are now available in NI Multisim™ and SPICE file format.

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Bibliographic Information


Microelectronic Circuit Design


Richard C. Jaeger, Travis N. Blalock


4th Edition




1365 pages


ISBN 10: 0073380458

ISBN 13: 9780073380452