Introduction to Islam English Edition By Dr Muhammad Hamidullah

Introduction to Islam By Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah. There has been a wide demand for a correspondence course on Islam. Tn response to this, a modest effort has been made with the help of several collaborators, particularly of Prof. M, Rahimuddin and the present series of fifteen monographs has been prepared under the joint auspices of the Centre Cultural Islamique and the Mosque, in Paris. This will, it is hoped, give a general idea of Islam, its history and culture and its handling of the diverse aspects and problems of life. Each subject is a monograph in itself and self-contained, hence a certain repetition has been unavoidable, the more so because life is a variegated affair and the fields of human activities are closely related to one another and often overlap. Introduction to Islam By Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah.

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Introduction to Islam


Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah


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