Industrial Control Electronics Applications and Design 1989 Edition by J Michael Jacob

The book includes several features that are unique among controls and industrial electronics texts. There is a significant use of manufacturers’ applications and notes. This provides the reader with the latest, most authoritative source of information. Throughout the book, servo control and process control are given comparable treatment, assuring a more balanced view of the controls field than is found in many books. Signal voltage conversion to current or frequency for transmission is absolutely necessary in a manufacturing environment, but often omitted in textbooks. This is presented in Chapter 4, along with isolation, shielding, and grounding techniques. Controllers based around analog electronics, microprocessors, and programmable controllers (PLC) all find valid use in industry. Each is presented, in depth, in Chapters 5 and 6. Proportional control of power is typically omitted in controls texts and given a rather one-sided presentation in books on industrial electronics. Chapter 7 provides the reader with the information needed to design and implement practical power circuits using power op amps, pulse-width modulation, thyristor time proportioning, and phase-angle firing.

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Industrial Control Electronics: Applications and Design


J. Michael Jacob


1989 Edition




606 pages


ISBN 0-13-459322-7