High Voltage Engineering 1st Edition by J Rohan Lucas

This book has arisen out of the need to include many of the major aspects of high voltage engineering in a single volume. The book is intended primarily as a basic text book in high voltage engineering at the Final Year level of a four year undergraduate course specializing in Electrical Engineering, with emphasis on heavy current engineering. It is also expected to be of immense value to practicing electrical engineers, especially to those in the electricity supply industry. The substance of this book is organized in the following major sections. (i) Review of breakdown of insulating materials, (ii) Surge phenomena and their analysis, (iii) Generation of high voltages for testing purposes, (iv) measurement of high voltages and testing procedure, and (v) Co-ordination of insulation in a power system.

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High Voltage Engineering


J. Rohan Lucas


1st Edition


J. Rohan Lucas


212 pages