Electrical Transmission and Distribution Reference Book 4th Edition by Central Station Engineers

“A reference intended for all concerned with solving everyday problems involving electric-power transmission.” – from Preface. Chapters include: General considerations of transmission; Symmetrical components; Characteristics of aerial lines; electrical characteristics of cables; Power transformers and reactors; Machine characteristics; Excitation systems; Application of Capacitors to Power Systems; Regulation and Losses of Transmission Lines; Steady-State Performance of Systems Including Methods of Network solution; Relay and Circuit Breaker Application; Power-Line Carrier Application; Power System Stability; Power-System Voltages and Currents During Abnormal Conditions; Wave Propagation on Transmission Lines; Lightning Phenomena; Line Design Based on Direct Strokes; Insulation Coordination; Grounding of Power-System Neutrals; Distribution Systems; Primary and Secondary Network Distribution Systems; Lamp Flicker on Power Systems; Coordination of Power and Communication Systems. A very technical reference book that is still valuable for power engineers today.

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Bibliographic Information


Electrical Transmission and Distribution Reference Book


Central Station Engineers of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation


4th Edition


Westinghouse Electrical Corporation


824 pages