Discrete Time Signal Processing 2nd Edition by Oppenheim Schafer and Buck


  • NEW—Provides a new chapter organization.
  • NEW—Material on:
  • Multi-rate filtering banks.
  • The discrete cosine transform.
  • Noise-shaping sampling strategies.
  • NEW—Includes several dozen new problem-solving examples that not only illustrate key points, but demonstrate approaches to typical problems related to the material.
  • NEW—Contains a wealth of “combat tested” problems which are the best produced over decades of undergraduate and graduate signal processing classes at MIT and Georgia Tech.
  • NEW—Problems are completely reorganized by level of difficulty into separate categories:
  • Basic Problems with Answers to allow the user to check their results, but not solutions (20 per chapter).
  • Basic Problems — without answers.
  • Advanced Problems.
  • Extension Problems — start from the discussion in the book and lead the reader beyond to glimpse some advanced areas of signal processing.
  • Covers the history of discrete-time signal processing as well as contemporary developments in the field.
  • Discusses the wide range of present and future applications of the technology.
  • Focuses on the general and universal concepts in discrete-time signal processing.
  • Offers a wealth of problems and examples.

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Bibliographic Information


Discrete Time Signal Processing


Alan V. Oppenheim, Ronald W. Schafer, John R. Buck


2nd Edition


Prentice Hall


897 pages


ISBN 10: 0137549202

ISBN 13: 9780137549207