Digital Control Engineering Analysis and Design 3rd Edition by Fadali and Visioli

Digital controllers are part of nearly all modern personal, industrial, and transportation sytems. Every senior or graduate student of electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering should therefore be familiar with the basic theory of digital controllers. This new text covers the fundamental principles and applications of digital control engineering, with emphasis on engineering design.

  • Extensive Use of computational tools: Matlab sections at end of each chapter show how to implement concepts from the chapter.
  • Frees the student from the drudgery of mundane calculations and allows him to consider more subtle aspects of control system analysis and design.
  • An engineering Approach to Digital Controls – Emphasis throughout the book is on design of control systems.
  • Review of Background Material – Contains review material to aid understanding of digital control analysis and design.
  • Inclusion of Advanced Topics – In addition to the basic topics required for a one semester senior/graduate class, the text includes some advanced material to make it suitable for an introductory graduate level class or for two quarters at the senior/graduate level.
  • Minimal Mathematics Prerequisites – The mathematics background required for understanding most of the book is based on what can be reasonably expected from the average electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering senior.

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Digital Control Engineering - Analysis and Design


M. Sami Fadali , Antonio Visioli


3rd Edition




600 pages


ISBN 13: 9781935082316