The COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), formerly known as COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), is a public university in Pakistan. It is a multi-campus university with its principal seat located in Islamabad. Comsats was envisioned as Pakistan’s first exclusive Institute of Information Technology. COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) is under the administration of Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South. The university was established by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) in 1998, while its first charter was granted by the Government of Pakistan in August 2000. Palestine joined the COMSATS as its 23rd member state in October 2015. S. M. Junaid Zaidi is the Founder Rector of the university and continued to serve the university till March 2017. The position of Rector remained vacant for the period of almost three years and Muhammad Tabassum Afzal assumed charge as Rector in July 2020 and was tasked with leading the university after its transition from an Institute of Information Technology to a full fledge university having a new governance structure. Comsats was envisioned as Pakistan’s first exclusive Institute of Information Technology. Previously, its name was COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), which was transformed into a full-fledged university called the COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) by an Act of Parliament in April 2018.

This university was ranked among top 250 Asian Universities by QS University Rankings in 2014 and nationally it is ranked top-most in Computer Sciences and IT category and 1st overall in the country according to Nature Index. CIIT is ranked amongst the top 10 universities of Pakistan as per HEC recent rankings. It is also a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities. Its main campus, located in Islamabad, has over 8,500 students and 30,000 more students in its 6 satellite campuses. Its student body also includes international students from over 9 countries. It has 20 departments which combined offer 100 degree programs and has since inception produced over 315 PhDs. It has also established the country’s first ever Student Startup Business Center (SSBC) to support and promote entrepreneurship and innovation in its academic environment.

Programs Offered by COMSATS University

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  1. Accounting & Finance                                                   
  2. Architecture                                                      
  3. Artificial Intelligence                                                      
  4. Bioinformatics                                                  
  5. Biosciences                                                        
  6. Biotechnology                                                  
  7. Business Administration                                               
  8. Chemical Engineering                                                    
  9. Civil Engineering                                                              
  10. Computer Engineering                                                  
  11. Computer Science                                                          
  12. Cyber Security                                                  
  13. Data Sciences                                                   
  14. Design                                                 
  15. Development Studies                                                   
  16. Economics                                                          
  17. Electrical (Electronics) Engineering                                                          
  18. Electrical (Power) Engineering                                                   
  19. Electrical Engineering                                                    
  20. Electronics                                                         
  21. English                                                 
  22. Environmental Sciences                                               
  23. Fine Arts                                                             
  24. Food Sciences and Nutrition                                                       
  25. Geology                                                              
  26. Geophysics                                                        
  27. Interior Design                                                 
  28. Mathematics                                                    
  29. Mechanical Engineering                                               
  30. Media and Communication Studies                                                         
  31. Pharmacy (Pharm-D)                                                     
  32. Physics                                                
  33. Psychology                                                        
  34. Software Engineering                                                    
  35. Statistics                                                             
  1. MBA                                                     
  2. MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                           
  3. MS in Bioinformatics                                                      
  4. MS in Biosciences                                                           
  5. MS in Biotechnology                                                      
  6. MS in Chemical Engineering                                                       
  7. MS in Chemistry                                                              
  8. MS in Civil Engineering                                                 
  9. MS in Computer Engineering                                                     
  10. MS in Computer Science                                                              
  11. MS in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies                                                
  12. MS in Development Studies                                                       
  13. MS in Earth Sciences (Applied Geology/Applied Geophysics                                                         
  14. MS in Economics                                                             
  15. MS in Electrical Engineering                                                       
  16. MS in Energy & Environmental Engineering                                                         
  17. MS in English (Linguistic and Literature)                                                
  18. MS in Environmental Engineering                                                            
  19. MS in Environmental Sciences                                                   
  20. MS in Health Informatics                                                             
  21. MS in Information Security                                                         
  22. MS in International Relations                                                     
  23. MS in Management Sciences                                                     
  24. MS in Mathematics                                                        
  25. MS in Mechanical Engineering                                                   
  26. MS in Meteorology                                                        
  27. MS in Microbiology and Immunology                                                     
  28. MS in Molecular Genetics                                                           
  29. MS in Molecular Virology                                                             
  30. MS in Pharmacy                                                               
  31. MS in Physics                                                    
  32. MS in Project Management                                                        
  33. MS in Remote Sensing & GIS                                                      
  34. MS in Software Engineering                                                       
  35. MS in Statistics                                                 
  36. MS in Water, Sanitation, Health and Development          
  1. PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                         
  2. PhD in Biosciences                                                          
  3. PhD in Biotechnology                                                    
  4. PhD in Chemical Engineering                                                      
  5. PhD in Chemistry                                                            
  6. PhD in Computer Engineering                                                    
  7. PhD in Computer Science                                                            
  8. PhD in Development Studies                                                     
  9. PhD in Electrical Engineering                                                      
  10. PhD in Environmental Sciences                                                 
  11. PhD in Management Sciences                                                   
  12. PhD in Mathematics                                                      
  13. PhD in Meteorology                                                      
  14. PhD in Microbiology and Immunology                                                   
  15. PhD in Molecular Genetics                                                          
  16. PhD in Pharmacy                                                             
  17. PhD in Physics                                                  
  18. PhD in Statistics                                               

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